Ink in my veins…

My father and grandfather were newspaper men, so you could say that ink runs in my veins. These days of course there’s not a whiff of ink on the net, but I find that pixels can be as provocative, stimulating and enlightening as any corrosive pigment.

On his website the late Clive James once mustered his pixels to consider the web as the work of a single giant spider. If only it were so, he mused, then ‘we might teach it to behave.’ For the web is ‘more like a jungle, and the most we can hope to do is make the occasional clearing, in which a civilized form of safety may be found. The visitor needs a refuge not just from nihilism, prurience and insanity, but from the meaningless, which is practically the web’s binding force even when it is providing necessary information. There have to be places where coherent expression can be found.’

I hope that some coherence may be found in these pages. You can judge for yourself the success of my battle against chaos by clicking on the links below to some of my recent articles and reviews, plus a few relevant profiles.